In August of 2007 A. Toom participated in the XI-th EBP, 11-esima Escola Brasileira de Probabilidade, 11-th Brazilian School of Probability, where A. Toom and his Ph. D.
students Alex Dias Ramos and Calitéia Santana de Sousa presented three posters:
Alex's poster, Calitéia's poster, André's poster.

After that Andrei Toom visited his friends Andréa and Alexandre shown at the left side.

The following photos were made during this travel in the museum of Indian culture.

André Toom
with Alexandre.

André Toom
with Andréa.

Calitéia also was present. André Toom with Andréa and Calitéia.

Andre Toom with a snake in the yard of the museum.

André Toom with Calitéia on the shore of lagoa.