In October, 2006 Andre Toom, Anna Toom, Anton (Onty) Toom
visited Moscow and participated in two meetings devoted to Pavel Antokolsky.
This is a report about these meetings in "Literaturnaya Gazeta":
Denis, Vasya, André, Vanya after the same meeting.
Anton and Vasya in a Moscow street.
October 10, 2006.
André Toom giving interview to Maya Peshkova at the radio program "Echo of Moscow".
Anna Toom participating in the same interview.
October 12, 2006.
André Toom giving interview to Boris Lukin in the Club of Wiriters. Left to right: Anna, André,
Boris Lukin,
Polina Rozhnova.
André Toom lecturing at the Independent University. See the corrected text of this lecture as an article "Every continuous operator has an invariant measure" in the section "Articles in English: Mathematics" of this site.
Photo by Anna Toom
Mikhail Raskin, a graduate student of the Independent University, noticed a mistake in my lecture.
Photo by Anna Toom
André Toom at his father's grave at the Peredelkino Cemetery.
Photo by Anna Toom

The following photos are of a special school for autistic children. The building was designed by Andrei Tchernikhov. Our friends, Mikhail Karpovsky an architect and Yury Slivnitsky a psychologist told us that Tchernikhov, an architect, started his work on this project by such a thorough study of the psychology of autistic children that actually turned into an autistic child for several hours and in this state he produced the general design. The idea is that autistic childten are so immersed into themselves that they fail to communicate with the world outside them and this building was designed to arouse their attention and make them notice that there is something worth their attention outside themselves.
Mikhail Karpovsky, Anna Toom, Yury Slivnitsky, André Toom in front of the facade of the school for autistic children.
The other side wall of the same school.
Photo by Anna Toom
A look through a window to the inner yard of the same school.
Photo by Anna Toom