Wikipedia about me

Wikipedia has started to develop a list of mathematical probabilists.
It is yet very short, but I am already there.

The KARTOO site. You may go there and type my name.

The site is universal and the site is especially designed for search in science.
You may search for Andrei, Andre or AL Toom and add some key words: look for Toom-Cook, Toom-3, Toom rule,
Toom cellular automata, Toom dynamics, Toom eroder or Toom nonergodicity.

If you are interested in mathematical education, try Toom word problems or Toom real world problems.

If you are interested, where my last name came from, try Toompea (which literally means "Toom's head"),
Toompark (right under Toompea), Toomkirik, Toom Church, Toom-Kooli, Toom-Rüütli, Toom-Kuninga,
Toomemae and Toomemagi Park. Estonian government uses the tower named Toompea for meetings, so
all the Estonian government fits into my head. This is why their decisions are so wise!