Links in mathematical education

Fordham Foundation

Mathematically Correct

Math Forum

Mathematically Sane

Berriozabal's statement.

Berriozabal, Leinwand and others about vaunted programs.

Alan Siegel's article on TIMSS

An interview with Vladimir Arnold

Sowell: Ed Schools: Why Johnny can't think

Many interesting details

Paul Trout: Student Anti-Intellectualism and the Dumbing Down of the University

"A Russian Teacher in America", the American Educator version

"A Russian Teacher in America", the original version at U. of Maryland

Quotes made by Domenico Rosa

Three of Toom's articles in Russian at MCCME site

"Wars in American mathematical education" in English at Michel Delord's site

Hamilton, Conway, Toom, Ballew, Davis, Wall, Talman on "real-world problems"

Save PREP: Bring back Dr. Berriozábal now!

"Science Myths"