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A list of references to Cellular Automata

A list of references to Cellular Automata

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David Griffeath's Primordial Soup Kitchen

David Griffeath's The Chef's House

Barabasi, Araujo, Stanley: 3-D Toom model: connection to Kardar-Parisi-Zhang

Bennett, Grinstein: Irreversibility in Locally Interacting Systems

Berezner, Krutina, Malyshev: Exponential convergence of 1-D Toom's CA

Derrida, Lebowitz, Speer, Spohn: Dynamics of an anchored Toom interface

Gacs: Lectures on reliable CA

Gacs: A new version of Toom's proof

Gacs: A Toom rule that increases the thickness of sets

Gacs: Reliable CA with Self-Organization

Gacs, Reif: A simple 3-D real-time reliable cellular array

Grinstein: Can complex structures be generically stable in a noisy world?

Jeong, Kahng, Kim: Dynamics of a Toom interface in 3-D

Jeong, Kahng, Kim: Avalanche size distribution in the Toom interface

Makowiec: Gibbsian vs. non-Gibbsian nature of stat. states for Toom prob. CA

Makowiec: Ground state configurations for Toom CA

Makowiec: Toom Probabilistic CA Simulation

Makowiec: Critical Properties of Toom CA

Park's dissertation