Be independent! No, not that way! This way!

- Do you have an alibi?
- Sure. Which currency do you prefer?

Free cheese only in a mouse-trap.

Children are not naturally stupid - they have to pick up stupidity from the adults around them. Ed Barbeau

Egoist - one who cares about himself instead of caring about me.

One flea to another: "Is there life on other dogs?"

I decided to live forever. Till now it works.

God created the World in six days because He did not need to care about compatibility with the previous version.

The missing link between ape and civilized man has been found. It is us.

It has been said as an illustration of probability theory that if a million of monkeys type at random, something great will appear. Now this is refuted by the widespread use of internet.

What is the course of Plank's constant today?

Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat.

Such is life, and it is getting sucher and sucher.

Who finds a way out, gets trampled first

Free energy only in electric chair.

Study the regulations and you will know what you may do,
what you may not do and how to do what you may not do.

From Bridge magazine in Britain:
"Do you have to be a brilliant mathematician to play bridge?"
Answer: "No. The truth of the matter is that bridge is much more about inference, deduction, and judgement, than it is about mathematics."
Communicated by Antony Ralston.