Pavel Antokolsky`s illustration in one of his manuscripts. 1920.

Denis Toom`s drawing "Bastards". 2000.

Some deeds
of my relatives

On Mark Matveevich Antokolsky,
my great grandmother's uncle [1843-1902]

On my great-grandfather
Grigory Moiseevich Antokolsky

On my grandfather Pavel Grigoryevich Antokosky
[19/06/1896 (01/07/1896) - 09/10/1978]

On my grandmother
Lidia Petrovna Toom [1890-1976]

On Lidia Toom's sister Olga Toom
(mostly it is about Dziga Vertov, but
there is a paragraph about Olga Toom)

On my father Leon Toom [1921-1969]

On my uncle Vladimir Antokolsky
[22/10/1923 - 06/07/1942]

On my aunt Nika Goltz

On the Broude branch of our family.

On my older son Denis.

On my nephew Vasya.